Hot Shot’s Secret Celebrates Firepunk Diesel’s Record-Setting Runs

The Firepunk Diesel Duster features a Cummins 6.7L running Hot Shot's Secrets lubricants...

Hot Shot’s Secret, longtime sponsor of the Firepunk Diesel race team, is celebrating owner Lavon Miller and driver Larson Miller for acquiring two Pro Mod records for speed (194.41 mph) and elapsed time (ET) (4.101). The records were set at the first and third Outlaw Diesel Super Series events of the season.

“We’ve been fortunate to have assembled a great team of partners to help make diesel motorsports history. Hot Shot’s Secret has been a part of this journey for years, beginning with our record-setting S10. With a few tweaks, I think we will break even more records this season,” said Lavon Miller.

In the first ODSS event, two racers competing in Pro Mod class battled for top honors in ET at Orlando Speed World as part of the Florida Truck Meet on April 5-6. 

Larson Miller, driver of the Firepunk Diesel Duster, briefly held the title for quickest ET, before Johnny Gilbert, also a Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored racer, set an ET record of 4.109.  Though losing the battle for the best ET, Miller achieved a record-breaking speed of 194.41 MPH.

Hot Shot's Secret Celebrates Firepunk Diesel's Record-Setting Runs | THE SHOP

“For there to be this much excitement in diesel competition so early in the season is crazy. When the top competitors stage you can feel the electricity and anticipation. Congratulations to Larson and the entire Firepunk Diesel team and to all the competitors that are proving what diesel technology can accomplish,” said Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Field Marketing and Partnerships, Kyle Fischer.

The new ET record occurred on June 2nd at the Outlaw Diesel Revenge presented by Firepunk Diesel. At this ODSS event, Miller got revenge; recording a 4.101 pass to set the new Pro Mod record for diesel drag racing.  This makes Firepunk Diesel’s dark plum, Cummins-powered Duster both the fastest and quickest diesel Pro Mod.

The record holding Firepunk Diesel Duster features a D&J Precision Machine Executioner 6.7L Cummins engine, a 5-speed Liberty transmission with a Ty-Drive and a Neal Chance converter. The engine, fuel system and transmission, all performing under extreme conditions, with the protection of a slate of Hot Shot’s Secret diesel performance additives, Adrenaline Racing Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid and Gear Oil.

To see this record-breaking ET run, view this video. 

For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret full line of diesel performance racing oils, additives and fluids, visit

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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