Hot Shot’s Secret Places Focus on Expanding Markets

Hot Shot’s Secret has launched a new website meant to expand its focus on new markets.

The new website features additional market landing pages for powersports, marine, lawn & garden, and Racing. It also has new product pages for Adrenaline Race Oil, antifreeze, Blue Diamond Oil, and Diesel Winter Anti-Gel.

Additionally, all the product pages now have an in-depth description of the company’s products that detail how to use each product, why they work, and the science behind each product.

For prospective customers looking for product, the website has a store dealer locator that will guide visitors to the retail store within 50 or 100 miles of their location.

“While not a complete overhaul this was a major redesign of the website to address the expansion of our product lines and new markets this year,” said Kyle Fischer, Lubrication Specialties Inc. director of marketing. “What you will find is a very user-friendly site that flows naturally based on the user’s particular needs whether it’s a dealer, customer or someone trying to diagnose a problem. This is the beginning of a concerted effort to enrich our site for both customers and stakeholders to build interaction, educate and optimize our visual resources for a positive and rewarding web experience.”

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