Hot Shot’s Secret Partners with Mueller to ‘Save the Racks’

Amy Mueller, the 2017 Pro Stock Champion in the NHRDA Sled Pulling Series, has a new partner in Hot Shot’s Secret.

When Mueller’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago, Mueller branded her Dodge Cummins-powered pull and race trucks with Save the Racks to raise awareness and support her mother’s fight against breast cancer.

Hot Shot’s Secret began supporting the Save the Racks campaign at the March 16 season opener of the NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series in Chandler, Arizona. The company’s continued support will donate $50 for every pass made during the drag racing series, and will provide Mueller a $250 bonus for a second place finish or a $500 bonus if she wins the class. Mueller won the 10.90 index class to start the season, racking up a donation total of $850 from Hot Shot’s Secret.

“I’m very thankful that Hot Shot’s Secret captured my vision to bring awareness to breast cancer, and are supporting the cause by their generous donations,” Mueller said. “They dove into this wholeheartedly with me, and I am very excited for this upcoming season.”

Mueller on May 18 will unveil a new Save the Racks wrapped Pro Stock truck built by Lavon Miller and the Firepunk Diesel team, D&J Precision and fueled by Exergy Performance. The car will debut at the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 18-19.

Hot Shot’s Secret also will make donations following the same schedule for all passes run by Amalee’s father, Edgar Artecona, to support the same cause. All funds collected throughout the season will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in October during the NHRDA World Finals, which coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Save the Racks T-shirts will be sold at the races in the Hot Shot’s Secret booth with 50 percent of the purchase price to be added to the final donation.

“We have a great deal of respect for Amalee, her drive and dedication to excel in drag racing and sled pulling, and especially her efforts to support breast cancer awareness,” said Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret director of marketing. “Breast cancer affects many families and it is through efforts like Amalee’s that we will eventually be able to fund a cure. We encourage other companies that may want to get on board to support the cause by donating funds for each pass made by her and her dad’s truck this year.”

For more information about Save the Racks, email Kyle Fischer at Lubrication Specialties Inc. at

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