Hot Shot’s Secret Expands Roster with Firepunk Diesel Drag Racing Team

Lubrication Specialties Inc. is now sponsoring the Firepunk Diesel Race Team. Lubrication Specialties Inc. manufactures Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil and high performance fuel and oil additives.

Firepunk Diesel is one of the top race teams in diesel drag racing competition, according to Hot Shot’s Secret.

Prior to August, Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel, widely known for his three consecutive wins in the Ultimate Callout Challenge. The brand is now sponsoring the entire Firepunk Diesel team. Three of the team’s members won their classes at a recent Outlaw Diesel Super Series event, the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, in E.T. Bracket and 7.70 Index (Landon Miller), 5.9 Index (Rick Fox) and Pro Mod (Larson Miller) using Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil.

Other racers sponsored by Hot Shot’s Secret also using Adrenaline Racing Oil that won include Art Maupin (6.70 Index) and Wade Moody (Pro Dragster). Since the new sponsorship agreement with Firepunk Diesel was made in August, six of seven classes were won at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza by drivers using Hot Shot’s Secret Adrenaline Racing Oil:

  • Pro Dragster – Wade Moody
  • Pro Mod – Larson Miller (Firepunk Diesel)
  • 5.90 Index – Rick Fox (Firepunk Diesel)
  • 6.70 Index – Art Maupin
  • 7.70 Index – Landon Miller (Firepunk Diesel)
  • ET Bracket – Landon Miller (Firepunk Diesel)

“This is an exciting step for Hot Shot’s Secret to give our full support behind the entire Firepunk Diesel team,” said Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret director of marketing. “Lavon has been testing our products on the dyno and the track with great success this year, and the results have been shared with the team. With proven and unmistakable results, we have been growing the brand and our level of sponsorship. We believe in Lyn, Lavon and the entire Firepunk team and look forward to what can be accomplished for the remainder of the race season and next year.”

Hot Shot’s Secret also sponsors Amalee Mueller and her Save the Racks truck. Mueller competes in NHRDA’s Super Diesel drag racing class and is currently in second place in points in the NHRDA Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Drag Racing Series. Her family’s other Save the Racks branded truck is currently driven by Firepunk Diesel’s Larson Miller.

For each pass made in either Mueller’s Save the Racks race trucks, Lubrication Specialties Inc. donates $50, or provides a $250 bonus for finishing runner-up, or a $500 bonus for a class victory at every NHRDA event.

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