‘Horsepower Wars’ to Launch with $10,000 Drag Race Shootout

Power Automedia in 2016 brought the Coyote vs. LS Shootout series to life, racking up more than 2 million views online. Inspired by that shootout, Power Automedia’s new show-Horsepower Wars-is set to debut in 2018, with a season of action-packed competitions and storylines.

Horsepower Wars will showcase automotive shops, engine builders, racers, and tuners. Each story will consist of a shootout where viewers will get to witness the entire build
process; all the way to the end where there will be a showdown on either a chassis dyno, engine dyno, road course, or drag strip.

Horsepower Wars content will include part 2 of the Coyote vs. LS Shootout, this time with boost, and a new competition called the $10K Drag Race Shootout.

In the $10K Shootout, three build teams will be handed $3,000 in cash and $7,000 in Summit Racing Gift cards to buy and build their car in only 10 days, and then drag race it. The winner takes the car home, and viewers can enter a contest to take home the other two cars. Any drag racing teams that want to compete will be free to apply to Horsepower Wars starting in January, according to Power Automedia.

Summit Racing is one of the key sponsors who have joined Horsepower Wars. Summit Racing will be the Official Mail Order Partner, and will be donating o ver $20,000 in Summit gift cards for the $10K Drag Shootout.

“We’re excited to work with Power Automedia and Horsepower Wars,” said Al Noe, Summit Racing chief marketing officer. “The show represents what our customers are all about-real people turning wrenches and making power in their own garages.”

“Horsepower Wars, as an automotive show, is a big move forward for our company,” explained James Lawrence, Power Automedia CEO. “Each major story will run for three months, broadcast through our Automotive Media network of more than 15 digital magazines, covered in five print titles, and through SpeedVideo and our social media network. All in all, more than 3 million people a month will have exposure to Horsepower Wars in 2018.”

Horsepower Wars’ official launch will take place in March.

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