HornBlasters Joins Keystone Automotive Lineup

HornBlasters Joins Keystone Automotive Lineup | THE SHOPKeystone Automotive Operations has added HornBlasters, a manufacturer of aftermarket air horn systems, to its Accessories category, the parts distributor announced.

Matthew Heller began selling homemade air horns in 2002 and, within a year, he had founded HornBlasters. Today, the company has expanded beyond basic air horn systems and components, serving customers around the world with a diverse range of air horn kits, pneumatic suspension and signaling products, and comically loud novelty products.

“We wanted to bring the real sound of a locomotive right to your vehicle and that’s exactly what we do. We deliver the loudest train horn kits you can buy with the best service possible,” says Heller.

All HornBlasters products are manufactured in the U.S.A. The company has earned several SEMA awards, as well as featured mentions on major TV shows like Diesel Brothers, The Lifted Life and Pimp My Ride.

With horns and kits ranging from $35 to $2800, with hundreds of available combinations, HornBlasters offers a diverse range of products.

The company’s kits include air compressors and air tanks, plus one of two main types of high-volume horns: train horns, classified by a low and deep tone, or air horns, which generally offer a higher pitch. To ensure these kits offer long-lasting performance, HornBlasters also manufactures durable pressure switches, solenoid valves, safety blow-offs and air gauges.

Over the years, HornBlasters has also developed a line of 24-volt horn kit solutions as well as specialty kits for Jeep Wranglers and full-size trucks.

“HornBlasters is the leading name when we think of train horns,” says Ahad Mirza, Keystone category manager. “Their products are thoughtfully engineered and made in the USA. The company will be a first-time exhibitor at the Keystone BIG Show this year, so current and prospective Keystone customers can hear the excitement themselves.”

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