Horizon Global Brake Control Line is 25 Years in the Making

Prodigy P2 by TekonshaTekonsha this year is celebrating 25 years of helping people stop. Since its inception in 1964, the company has evolved from the RV steps it began with, to the complete line of brake controllers.

Tekonsha aims to offer something for everyone, including digital displays and complete diagnostic readouts that immediately notify the user of any number of problems with the connection, brakes, or wiring. Every brake controller from the company is equipped with a variable, manual override, while the brand’s more technologically-advanced units also come with five storable settings and a ‘boost’ feature to give brakes a little extra power when hauling heavier loads.

Finally, the recent addition of an automatic dimming feature on the Prodigy P2 takes away a bit of the nighttime glare.

“Our dedicated team of engineers and designers have included something for everyone in this line, so you can tow with confidence,” said Becky Briggs, senior product manager for the Tekonsha brand. “The attention to detail in this line of Tekonsha products is unmatched on the market today. Towing safely is important. Stopping safely is essential.”

The Tekonsha brake controller line includes the Voyager, the Primus IQ, the Prodigy P2, the Prodigy P3, and the Prodigy RF.

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