Holley Inc. Rebrands to Holley Performance Brands

The name change comes with a focus on more facets of the aftermarket industry...

Holley Inc. (NYSE: HLLY) announced the evolution of its operations branding from Holley Performance Products to Holley Performance Brands.

The change underscores the company’s goal to expand its influence and enhance its presence across the high-performance automotive aftermarket sector, according to the announcement. As Holley Performance Brands, the company is emphasizing a broadened mission that respects its legacy while aiming to accelerate future growth.

Evolving from its previous primary focus on classic muscle and trucks, Holley Performance Brands has reshaped and expanded its approach to the market by categorizing its offerings into targeted vertical groupings – Domestic Muscle, Modern Truck & Off-Road, Euro & Import, and Safety & Racing.

The alignment will allow Holley Performance Brands to serve a wider and varied customer base with specialized products and services, officials noted, enhancing its market adaptability and consumer engagement.

“The rebranding to Holley Performance Brands marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said Matthew Stevenson, president and chief executive officer, Holley. “Our alignment along our new vertical groupings will fuel our transformation and will help drive innovation and growth. This change propels us into an exciting new era of automotive performance and reflects that Holley Performance Brands is not just about parts, but part of something powerful.”

The Holley Performance Brands portfolio harnesses the collective strength of its brands to create a cohesive and dynamic customer experience designed to deliver unparalleled enjoyment, performance, and safety, according to the announcement. 

The branded portfolio offers a source of strategic competitive advantage and includes iconic brands such as APR, Dinan, Simpson, Stilo, Flowmaster, Holley, ADS, Baer, Edge, DiabloSport, AEM, MSD and more than 50 others. Renowned for their innovation, quality and performance, these brands form the cornerstone of Holley’s aim to meet evolving needs of enthusiasts worldwide.

The company is committed to fostering and empowering a dynamic work environment while making strategic investments to innovate and prepare for the future. This focused approach prioritizes initiatives that fuel the company’s teams, accelerates growth and supercharges its customers – keeping Holley Performance Brands competitive and responsive in a fast-evolving market.

In the coming weeks and months, Holley Performance Brands will undertake a transition to the new branding approach and will be updating visual touchpoints across its many branded and marketing assets, according to officials. Holley Inc. will continue as the official corporate name and the enterprise will continue to trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol of HLLY.

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