Hispano Suiza Reveals Carmen Sagrera EV

The 1,100-hp EV has two motors mounted to each rear wheel...

Car & Driver reports that Hispano Suiza has introduced the Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera. The four-motor Rear Wheel Drive EV is designed to help celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Spanish brand following its re-entry into the automotive market in 2021.

Hispano Suiza Reveals Carmen Sagrera EV | THE SHOP
Photos Courtesy: Hispano Suiza

The carbon fiber-bodied full EV features a 103kWh battery pack developed in-house. The Carmen Sagera features upgraded charging capabilities and is more than 300lbs. lighter than the previous model. 

The unique EV setup features two motors per rear wheel, keeping the rear wheel drive experience at 275hp per motor, mounted to a single speed transmission. The car also utilizes a new “virtual differential” software to help allocate and provide power. 

Inside, Italidesign has reworked the interior from the previous Carmen models and the brand has already delivered four examples. Waitlist for the Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera is expected to be around 9 months, with a price around $3.2 million.

Read the full report from Car & Driver here.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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