Hedman Hedders Announces Consolidation of Georgia Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facility will move to join its main facilities in Whittier, California...

Hedman Hedders is relocating the Hedman Husler Hedders plant in Alpharetta, Georgia, to its 100,000-square-foot Hedman Hedders manufacturing facility and global headquarters in Whittier, California.

“With supply chain reliability shifts in recent years, having separate manufacturing facilities on opposite sides of the country has become more challenging, and the dynamic needed to be addressed. Considering Hedman Hedders’ roots are in Southern California, and we have been successfully manufacturing our product here since 1954, the logical solution is to relocate the Husler manufacturing facility to our main facility here in Whittier, California,” said Marc Lewis, a 30-year veteran of the company.

Hedman Hedders Announces Consolidation of Georgia Manufacturing Facility | THE SHOP

Per a company statement, this consolidation is expected to result in improved production efficiency for the Husler Hedders brand, which focuses on competition and off-road header applications, particularly set-ups that use high-performance aftermarket heads, as well as LS and LT swap headers for classic American muscle cars and trucks.

Hedman states that the Husler branded products can still be ordered, as normal, through the end of day, 06/30/2024. To allow the Georgia facility to focus on manufacturing and shipping of all existing orders, then, execute the process of relocating the Georgia facility to Whittier, California, The Hedman Performance Group will suspend all orders for Husler branded products until the facilities have been brought back online in Southern California.

To learn more about Hedman Husler Hedders or to find out how this change might affect your current or upcoming order lead time, visit the company’s main website.

Pat Curtin

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