Harnessing Synthetic Oils for Performance Applications

Engine builder Adam Koester highlights the benefits of full synthetic oils...

Article by Adam Koester – Engine Builder, Miners Brothers Racing

In the ever-changing world of engine technology, one of the most important things I’ve benefited from as an engine builder for more than 20 years is advances in engine oil and the continuing development of full synthetic engine oil.

These robust oils provide a significant leap forward in engine protection and other benefits compared to conventional engine oils. This includes improved engine lubrication, offering an array of benefits that enhance engine performance, extend lifespan, and boost operational efficiency.

I build engines for Miner Brothers Racing for my tractor-pulling team, other pullers, and customers in drag racing. I see the benefits of using synthetic oils – from superior lubrication and friction reduction to exceptional wear protection and more. These elements are essential to engines operating in stressful, high-horsepower conditions. When I tear down one of my engines used for racing at the end of the season, I can visibly see how clean and free from wear after using Shell Rotella Full Synthetic, which provides better wear performance compared to conventional and synthetic blend engine oils.

Harnessing Synthetic Oils for Performance Applications | THE SHOP

Derived from highly refined base oils, full synthetic oils have fewer impurities, reduced volatility, and a higher Viscosity Index (VI). Such characteristics ensure that synthetic oils remain stable across a wide temperature range, exhibiting less dramatic viscosity changes in response to temperature fluctuations. This stability is crucial for maintaining optimal lubrication and reducing friction under varying operating conditions, thereby enhancing engine efficiency and reliability.

The versatility of synthetic oils, capable of being blended into lower viscosity grades like 5W-30, 10W-30, or broader range oils such as 0W-40, allows for tailored engine lubrication solutions. This flexibility, combined with their superior wear protection and efficiency benefits, emphasizes the suitability of synthetic oil for a wide range of engine applications.

A direct benefit of synthetic oil is its ability to reduce internal engine drag through improved flow characteristics and friction reduction, which can translate into significant fuel savings. This is a critical advantage in many sectors where fuel costs are a substantial operational expense.

The advanced oxidation stability of synthetic oils further sets them apart. This property is crucial for extending oil life, particularly in high-temperature engine environments. Oxidation can lead to oil degradation, resulting in thickening, acid formation, and deposit buildup. Synthetic oils resist such degradation, maintaining their performance and protective capabilities over longer periods. This resilience makes them ideal for severe operating conditions such as tractor pulling, drag racing, and applications where a heavy load is put on a vehicle.

A transition to synthetic blend or full synthetic diesel engine oils is ideal for vehicle owners focused on optimizing engine performance and operational efficiency. The comprehensive benefits of synthetic oils underscore their importance in achieving peak engine performance, reliability, and longevity. Using synthetic oils is vital for truck owners and fleets looking to reduce downtime.

For my business, adopting synthetics, like Shell Rotella Full Synthetics, was one of the most impactful decisions for my team. Using full synthetic engine oils represents a huge opportunity for engine builders looking to gain a competitive edge and for vehicle operators focused on maximizing engine performance, durability, and efficiency.

Adam Koester has been building engines for over 20 years and uses Shell Rotella Full Synthetic offerings.

To learn more about Shell Synthetics, click here. To learn more about Adam and Miners Brothers Racing, click here.

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