Hankook Tire Partners with University of Cincinnati for Design Innovation Study

Hankook Tire Partners with University of Cincinnati for Design Innovation Study | THE SHOPTire manufacturer Hankook Tire is working with the University of Cincinnati on its ‘Design Innovation 2020’ project, the company announced, which aims to present a vision for the future of mobility.

Launched in 2012, ‘Design Innovation’ is a bi-annual joint study between Hankook and one of the world’s leading design universities. The project is part of Hankook’s R&D which is working towards futuristic and problem-solving driving methods. Hankook incorporates student ideas with its global Top Tier technology in exploring new design concepts for its line of next-generation products.

The theme of the 2020 project is ‘Urban Reshaping,’ which focuses on the transformation of cities by reconfiguring mobility as part of living spaces rather than stand-alone. Future environments will use augmented, cutting-edge technology and automation infrastructure that are eco-friendly. Automated driving and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be part of future cities. This design project is expected to be conducted at a much higher level than the 2012 and 2016 projects. Results from the project will also be used in exhibitions.

The University of Cincinnati and Hankook have been brainstorming about what future mobility scenarios might look like as well as on ideas for building infrastructure that will fit into the environment. These concepts are being reviewed by industry experts.

Later this year, Hankook’s Research and Design Department will showcase the student designs and will secure patents for their innovation and technology. Awards will be given to students for their work at Hankook’s Design Insight Forum in September. Their work also will be on display at auto industry events.

Jimmy Kwon, Vice President of Hankook Tire Brand Lab said, “The project paves the way to discover ‘the driving vision of the future.’ Hankook Tire will not only continue to offer cutting-edge designs, but also we will continue our research to develop the most advance technology out there when it come to the future of mobility.”

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