Hagerty Opening New Facility

Hagertyhagerty, the insurance and media organization for enthusiast vehicles and owners, has announced the opening of a new operations center in Dublin, Ohio. The new facility eventually will employ about 200 full-time IT, licensed sales agents, claims and insurance product professionals.

The facility also will provide additional geographic coverage and support numerous services such as inbound support for members of the Hagerty Drivers Club, servicing new and existing insurance policies, claims handling and technology development.

“What we’re seeing is a real community forming around the love of driving and cars, with Hagerty as the hub,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “Our mission is support, celebrate and enable car fans and car culture in every way that we can.”

This year, millennials and Gen Xers surpassed the massive Baby Boom generation as the driving force in the enthusiast vehicle market, requesting insurance and vehicle value data from Hagerty by a roughly 53-47 percent margin.

“This shift was inevitable given the combined size of these generations,” said Hagerty. “We say ‘welcome to the club.’ It’s great to see that younger generations are just as crazy about cars as their parents and grandparents.”

Hagerty said the Columbus Region’s vibrant business community, automotive sector and highly skilled employee base will help Hagerty continue its North American growth. Hiring for new positions at the Dublin campus will begin in Q4 2019.

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