H2O Amphibious Inc. Prepares for New Model Launch

The manufacturer has been building cars that run on land & in water since 2013…

H2O Amphibious Inc. presents its next-generation amphibious cars, designed to seamlessly transition from land to water. The first generation of the company’s Panther Amphibious Cars hit the market in 2013.

The next generation of vehicles from H2O Amphibious Inc. underwent comprehensive overhauls, where every component was reimagined and enhanced to honor the heritage of previous iterations while setting forth a new standard in amphibious vehicles, according to the company.

H2O Amphibious Inc. Prepares for New Model Launch | THE SHOP
H2O Amphibious – Panther XL

The current Panther XL offers multiple trim levels with a Honda 3.7L VTEC engine, 4-speed manual transmission, a hydraulic wheel retraction system and jet drive marine propulsion.

The Panther XL offers a seamless transition from land to water in under 3 seconds, the company stated. Offering speeds up to 45mph on water and 80mph on land, the Panther XL has seating for five.

“The upcoming launch represents a significant milestone in the evolution of amphibious cars,” the company stated. “Enthusiasts are encouraged to keep an eye on H2O Amphibious Inc. through social media to keep up with the new era of land and water transportation.”

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