GripLockTies Partners with R&R Marketing

R&R Marketing Consultants Inc. (RRMCI) has been chosen by LockRight LLC to represent GripLockTies and to provide sales and marketing services for the line of Releasable Rubber-Lined Cable Ties.

“We could not be more excited about our partnership with GripLockTies,” said Chuck Lenhart, COO of RRMCI. “GripLockTies has taken the traditional zip tie and brought it to a whole new level of smart. This is a premium product for those who won’t accept anything less for their projects, products, systems and more.”

GripLockTies were invented by air-racing enthusiasts to withstand the high-heat, high-vibration elements of aviation. Made of Dupont materials, GripLockTies are double-rubber-lined and can withstand higher temperatures than regular ties, according to the company. The rubber lining inside the tie conforms and protects wires and hoses from crush damage and protects paint from scratches and vibration. A tall releasable tab on the ties allows users to unlock, open and reuse the ties.

“We are excited for GripLockTies to be introduced to the automotive market via a partnership with R&R,” said Creighton King, founder and inventor of GripLockTies. “R&R Marketing has a proven track record of world-class representation of premium brands that we feel honored to be associated with.”

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