Griffin Thermal Products Confirms Evans Waterless Coolants Partnership

Griffin Thermal Products has announced Evans Waterless Coolants as the official coolant of Griffin Radiator.

“The connection between the right radiator and coolant is critical to maximize cooling system efficiency and combining a premium Griffin radiator with the unique advantages of Evans Waterless Coolant improves performance and prolongs the life of an engine’s radiator and cooling system,” Griffin Thermal Products stated in a news release.

Griffin since 1981 has been dedicated to leadership in the design and manufacture of aluminum heat exchangers in the automotive industry.

Evans Waterless Coolants offer engine coolant and antifreeze formulations with almost all of them are a 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol and water, according to the company.

“We are pleased to announce this new relationship with Griffin Thermal Products and align our waterless coolants with a top-quality radiator manufacturer,” said Jeff Bye, chief operating officer of Evans Waterless Coolants. “Teaming up with Griffin offers both our customers another level of confidence in cooling system performance and reliability.”

“We’re excited about our new relationships with Evans,” said Tom Beebe, CEO of Griffin Thermal Products. “Evans is in a class by itself, with advantages that are simply not achievable with traditional water-based coolants.”

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