Grand National Roadster Show Debuts New Trophy Design

A mock up of the new Al Slonaker Memorial AwardThe Grand National Roadster Show has announced the winner of its trophy design contest for the updated Al Slonaker Memorial Award after several months of submissions. The winning trophy, presented by show sponsor ARP and designed by automotive designer Eric Brockmeyer, will be used as a perpetual award for the competition beginning next year.
The new trophy will be CNC-manufactured out of aluminum by ARP and will stand 54 inches tall, including the base. The design features the logos of both the Grand National Roadster Show and ARP and is topped with a stylized custom coupe.

When not at the Grand National Roadster Show, the new trophy will reside at Hozy’s Grill, the restaurant inside ARP’s facility in Santa Paula, California and will feature prominently at the brand’s booth during the Nov. 5-8 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. A smaller version of the trophy also will be given to each winner of the Al Slonaker Memorial Award to keep.

“This new design for the Al Slonaker Memorial Award Trophy is a perfect symbol for what the award will become,” said John Buck, producer of the Grand National Roadster Show. “We received submissions from some of the best designers in the industry, but after a long process we’ve found a trophy that truly represents the innovation and craftsmanship of Al Slonaker Memorial Award competitors.”

The Al Slonaker Memorial Award is dedicated to the memory of Al and Mary Slonaker, who founded the Grand National Roadster Show in 1949. The award has been presented to the best non-roadster vehicle at the show each year since 1974.

Other changes to the Al Slonaker Memorial Award for 2020 include a new $12,500 cash prize provided by show sponsor ARP. Rule changes include open eligibility for all vehicles-excluding roadsters-debuting in their finished state at the show, according to show officials. Competitor vehicles must also prove to be functional by starting, driving forward and backward as well as turning left and right. In addition, Al Slonaker Memorial Award competitors will not be eligible for any other class or special awards at the Grand National Roadster Show. Each competing vehicle will be judged by a panel of industry experts on originality, style, design, craftsmanship, engineering and functionality.

“We’re proud to support the newly revised Al Slonaker Memorial Award with this beautiful trophy,” said Robert Florine, executive vice president of ARP. “ARP has been a proud partner of the Grand National Roadster Show for many years and we look forward to this chance to further support this event we all know and love while bringing automotive dreams to life.”

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