Gold Eagle Brands to Back Non-Profit at Overland Expo Mountain West

Gold Eagle Brands to Back Non-Profit at Overland Expo Mountain West | THE SHOPTwo Gold Eagle brands are joining together to promote Keep Our Desert Clean, an Arizona-based non-profit, at this year’s Overland Expo Mountain West, the companies announced.

The brands, 303, a provider of automotive detailing products, and STA-BIL, a fuel stabilizer brand, will jointly attend as exhibitors and share a booth with Keep Our Desert Clean, which raises awareness for the need to keep camping and overlanding areas clean on public lands. The companies also helped the organization produce a documentary film highlighting the cause, Gold Eagle Company representatives said, and will promote the film during the Overland Expo.

Overland Expo Mountain West, scheduled for Aug. 25-27 in Loveland, Colorado, is one of four shows produced by Overland Expo in 2023. During the event, 303 will host demonstrations on how to clean and protect vehicles, kayaks, RVs, and more using its line of ceramic and graphene products including long-lasting 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating, 303 Spray & Rinse Ceramic Sealant, and Slick Shine Ceramic Detailer. STA-BIL will explain the need for fuel stabilization especially in vehicles, small engines, or equipment that is periodically stored or powered by ethanol gasoline to ensure performance and reliability, the company said. Both brands will have product for sale and merchandise giveaways at the show.

“People who are into camping and overlanding are by and large environmentally focused but the small percentage that don’t care are wreaking havoc by leaving trash on public lands. This organization of incredible volunteers spends a great deal of their personal time cleaning up other people’s messes and is dedicated to bringing attention to the problem,” said Bob Galuska, STA-BIL brand manger. “Since protecting and preserving the things we love is in our DNA we wanted to support them anyway we could. This problem exists in every state, in deserts, lakes, mountain areas, and in every camp spot. It is more than the occasional bottle or flip-flop – we’re talking boats, tires, and broken ATVs. We hope that these documentaries will help people think twice about their actions and encourage more people to get involved so we can all enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.”

Click here to watch the documentary.

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