GET’M Garage Acquires MaxJet

GET’M Garage has figured out a new way to celebrate a business’s first year anniversary: making a brand acquisition. The now one-year-old company announced this week that it has acquired the MaxJet brand from Comp Performance Group.

“The move is a perfect fit for our business, especially with the launch of our Phillips headed jet,” said Trevor Wiggins, GET’M Garage co-owner. “Adding the MaxJet brand to our product line enhances our ability to provide our customers with the most complete offering of performance fuel tuning products.

“Look for the MaxJet brand to differentiate and expand in the coming months. In addition to the traditional MaxJet hex jet, we will be incorporating MaxJet Phillips jets and MaxJet Junior jets to the brand.”

American-based production is at the heart of GET’M Garage, and MaxJet products will continue to be made in the U.S.

GET’M Garage launched last August. The company is led by Wiggins and Mike Laws.

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