GEARWRENCH Debuts Slugging, Striking Wrenches

GEARWRENCH has unveiled a new line of Slugging/Striking Wrenches. The wrenches are available in three styles to work with different industrial applications. The slugging/striking wrenches are designed for applications where the force or torque needed to loosen or tighten large fasteners is so great that a hammer or sledge is required.

The wrenches are offered in three styles: Six Point Slugging, 12 Point Slugging, and 12 Point 45 degree Offset Striking. The large striking surface allows for more efficient hammer contact, transmitting more force to the fastener, while the compact handle length permits usage in confined areas, according to the company.

The offset handle of the 45° Offset Striking Wrench is designed to clear obstructions. Each wrench is made of alloy steel and features a hard stamped size marking on its handle. All have a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance. All styles and sizes, where official specifications exist, meet or exceed GGG-W-636e and ASME B107.410 Specification, according to GEARWRENCH.

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