Garrett Motion Details Auto Shanghai Exhibition

Garrett Motion is sharing its plans for Auto Shanghai 2023, April 18-27, which includes exhibiting its portfolio of turbocharging, electrification and software connectivity products, the company announced.

“We look forward to showcasing Garrett Motion’s engineering breakthroughs for the fast-evolving and largest automotive market in the world,” said Olivier Rabiller, CEO of Garrett Motion. “As a pioneer and leader in turbocharging technologies in China since the 1990s, we are continuing to introduce cutting-edge technologies for this new era of electrification. Our advanced solutions enable automakers to deliver the next generation of low- and zero-emissions vehicle technologies.”

Among the passenger and commercial vehicle technologies to be featured are:

  • Garrett Solutions for ICE and Electrified Powertrains
  • Garrett’s range of variable nozzle turbines (VNT), double-axle VNTs (DAVNT) and wastegate turbo technologies
  • VNT turbos for gasoline and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs)
  • Garrett Motion’s turbochargers for H2-ICE vehicles fueled by hydrogen and powered by internal combustion engines.
  • Garrett’s E-turbos
  • Garrett’s modular, hydrogen electric air compressor (Fuel Cell Compressor, FCC)
  • Garrett Connected Vehicle Software Solutions for fleets
  • Garrett’s AI-based diagnostic software
  • Garrett’s cybersecurity software

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