Free Webinar This Week on Healthcare Compliance

The National Federation of Independent Business is offering a free webinar at noon on Wednesday covering healthcare compliance.

“2018 may have seemed like a sleepy year for compliance but there is much to review and track as we move into 2019,” according to NFIB. “Join us as we look back on 2018’s regulatory highlights as well as a look into what 2019 may hold for employee benefits.” Topics NFIB will cover include:

  • Delay in ACA Taxes due to H.R. 195
  • The 2018 reinstitution and projected 2019 suspension of HIT tax
  • R. 195 calling for a two-year delay of the Medical Device Tax
  • Additional introduced legislation like:
  • S2303/H.R. 4575
  • R. 5138
  • Executive order 13813
  • Short Term Health Plans

Click to register for the webinar.

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