FRAM Joins How2Recycle Program

FRAMhow2recylce has announced that it has joined the How2Recycle program to help improve the recycling of its packaging and materials.

As part of FRAM’s sustainability efforts, the company has partnered with How2Recycle to help encourage customers to recycle specific products and packaging more accurately through the program’s smarter label system. Customers will notice the recycling label printed on FRAM packaging for its Extra Guard, Tough Guard and Ultra Synthetic Oil Filters and Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter. The label informs customers that the outer box of FRAM packaging can be recycled across the U.S. and Canada.

“We are continuously looking at materials, processes and technologies to reduce waste and conserve resources in all aspects of our business,” said Kevin O’Dowd SVP, global marketing. “Improved packaging sustainability is a core part of our effort to protect our environment. This initiative is very important to our company, our direct customers and the motorists who purchase our products.”

Launched in 2012, How2Recycle is the standardized U.S. label across all packaging types and offers comprehensive instructions on packaging recyclability. For more information on the How2Recycle program, please visit

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