FRAM Enters Deal with Racers Edge Motorsports

FRAM has signed a partnership with Racers Edge Motorsports and its team of elite racers. The partnership offers the latest filtration product engineering, support and technology to the team. FRAM will deliver the ultimate Ultra protection for Racers Edge Motorsports’ racing engines, enhancing the speed and reliability needed to win races.

“It’s a rush to see world-class race cars running FRAM XG2 Ultra Synthetic oil filters and is a real proof of quality,” said Jay Buckley, FRAM technical training director. “Racers Edge Motorsports has 28 years of racing excellence and we are proud to be the newest member of their team.”

Over the past two years, Racers Edge Motorsports has captured 8 wins in Pirelli World Challenge competition. A full-service organization, Racers Edge Motorsports has expertise in all areas of race team operations including race strategy, driver development and mechanical preparation.

“Racing tests every component of the car in the toughest way possible,” said Jon Mirachi, Racers Edge owner and team manager. “Ensuring we have the best filters and spark plugs guarantees that our components offer the reliability and performance needed to win races. That’s what we receive with FRAM and Autolite’s premium products.”

The new partnership also reignites FRAM’s presence on a world-class racing team in the form of an official partnership.

“This partnership shows our consumers that we race what we build for their passenger cars, which is the toughest test on the planet,” Buckley added.

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