Fortin Racing Dives into UTV Market

Fortin Racing Inc. has applied over 40 years of off-road racing drivetrain experience to its new Can-Am X3 rear drive line. The company’s mission was to improve the strength and reliability of the rear hub, upright, bearings, CVs, axles and brakes.

With the increased loads from larger diameter tires and wheels, heavier vehicle weights, and the demands of endurance off-road racing, a complete redesign was required. Starting with the upright or bearing carrier, the stock cast aluminum part was redesigned utilizing aerospace quality 7075 billet aluminum, according to Fortin Racing. Keeping all the stock link and trailing arm pivots in place, the stock bushings have been replaced with precision spherical ball bearings. The rear wheel bearings have been replaced with large 4.3-inch taper roller bearings. The rear hub hat has been made with light 6061-T6 billet aluminum to keep rotating weight to a minimum while keeping the stock 12mm four-bolt wheel stud pattern.

For improved braking power, larger 11-inch diameter rotors and exclusive Fortin 4 piston radial mount race calipers by StopTech have been incorporated. Piston bore diameters have been designed to be used with the stock master cylinder. The stock metric brake line banjo fitting bolts directly on the caliper.

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