Forgeline Motorsports Becomes Sole U.S. Distributor of British Wheel Brand

Team Dynamics has relocated its U.S. operations to the Forgeline Motorsports facility in Dayton, Ohio. The Team Dynamics’ U.S. office in California is now closed.

Team Dynamics is a British wheel manufacturer specializing in alloy race wheels for smaller vehicles such as Lotus, BMW, Spec Miata, formula cars and the Ariel Atom, as well as rally wheels for cars such as Subaru, Focus RS, Volkswagen, and Audi.

Forgeline Motorsports now serves as the sole distributor and importer of Team Dynamics wheels and all Team Dynamics products for North America, and will now ship from the Dayton warehouse. Forgeline will conduct sales, customer service, shipping and warranty for all Team Dynamics wheels sold in North America.

In addition to Forgeline stocking thousands of completed wheels, Team Dynamics will ship blank wheels to Forgeline where they will be drilled and finalized for custom applications, giving Forgeline the ability to make special offsets, center bores and bolt patterns.

“Having known Forgeline as a company and its superior quality products for some time, we find it an extremely exciting time reaching an agreement for them to become our partner for the United States,” said Matt Neal, a Rimstock brand ambassador and six-time British Touring Car champion. “Hopefully, both our products will complement each other perfectly, giving U.S. motorsports and tuning enthusiasts no other place to look for wheels.”

“We met Matt Neal at the Performance Racing Industry Show in 2011, and started a friendship,” said Dave Schardt, president of Forgeline Motorsports. “Over the past few years, we realized there was some overlap between our two companies: Team Dynamics is known for making quality alloy race wheels including the racing wheels for the British Touring Car and Australian Supercar; Forgeline has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, extremely lightweight performance forged aluminum wheels. We both realized it would make good business sense to combine forces.

“With the combination of Team Dynamics and Forgeline, we will be able to supply everyone from a beginner HPDE driver to a professional racing team and everything in between.”

For more information, call Forgeline Motorsports at 800-886-0093 or visit

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