Foreign Affairs Motorsport will now offer three RaceChip ECU upgrade options.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport Partners with RaceChip

Foreign Affairs Motorsport is now an authorized dealer and installation specialist for RaceChip products.

RaceChip is a German ECU tuner specializing in engine management software upgrades and currently offer three ECU upgrade options: the S, RS and GTS.

The S option has five fine tuning mappings that are capable of increasing both hp and torque up to 20%. The RS option has six fine tuning mappings, increases hp and torque up to 25%, and can be controlled using an app by the driver. The GTS option has a total of seven fine tuning mappings and increases hp and torque up to 30%.

The company says these ECU upgrade options also boost fuel economy by around 15%.

The RaceChip upgrades are available through Foreign Affairs Motorsport for a range of makes and models, including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and others.

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