Ford Considers Expanding Mustang Lineup

Ford is looking to Porsche's 911 lineup for inspiration...

A new report from Autocar notes that Ford is considering expanding the Mustang nameplate. Aside from racing-focused models, the brand also hinted at the first-ever four door Mustang.

Ford Considers Expanding Mustang Lineup | THE SHOP
Photos Courtesy: Ford Press Room

Ford is looking at the Porsche 911 lineup for inspiration with models like the Touring and GT2 variants to help them develop performance oriented models for its customers. The recent introduction of the Mustang GTD is one of the first steps toward this refined lineup, according to the report.

Ford hopes that expanding the Mustang product line will allow it to continue to embrace internal combustion models, but the brand did hint at the possibility of future hybrid powertrain offerings. 

Read the full report from Autocar here.

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