Fly Offroad Selected for Ultra4 EV Class

Fly Offroad and the Proving Grounds racing team has been selected to compete in the new Ultra4 electric vehicle (EV) class, the off-road racing team announced.

Ultra4’s EV class is set to debut at the 2022 Visions race in Jay, Oklahoma, the series said. Ultra4 selected ten teams to receive an EV powertrain for the build, including Fly Offroad.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our partners and the whole Fly Offroad Team,” said Director of Engineering, John Grounds. “We have battled throughout the 2021 season with a brand-new Miller build, putting it on the box multiple times while competing against the best of the best in the nation. We look forward to tackling a new build in an entirely new class of race car.”

“Six months to build a car is no easy task, let alone an EV project build that has had little R&D in the off-road racing realm,” added Grounds. “Our team is finishing up building a newer 4500 class car as we speak and are already making plans for our EV race car.”

The EV class has been initiated like a spec class, Grounds said, noting that each team selected was supplied with the powertrain, but the rest of the build is up to the team. The use of regenerative braking systems, energy efficient components, speed, weight and torque strength will all become factors in the build, Grounds said.

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