FLEX Automotive Officially Opens U.S. Operations

New San Diego headquarters to showcase four Renoca models & an extensive selection of JDM vehicles…

FLEX Automotive has officially launched its U.S. operations, with a new headquarters facility and showroom in San Diego.

A fixture in its native Japan since 1967, FLEX has earned international acclaim for its “Renoca” (renovation + car) Series, which features the meticulous renovating of preowned Toyota Land Cruisers and Tacomas inside and out, officials noted.

“After years of planning, we’re especially gratified to be able to bring the FLEX brand to the U.S. market,” said Yohei Nakamura, director of U.S. operations. “We look forward to introducing our line of renovated Land Cruisers and Tacomas to enthusiasts looking for distinctive styling in their SUV or truck.”

The brand-new FLEX headquarters will provide U.S.-based customers and enthusiasts with an opportunity to get a firsthand look at four signature Renoca By FLEX customized models offered for the U.S. market, including:

Renoca Windansea

The newest addition to the FLEX lineup, Windansea targets enthusiasts with a passion for third-generation Toyota Tacomas.

“Combining beauty and strength with a design that melds nature with city life, Windansea features an exterior that begins with a straight-line hood design intended to enhance the vehicle’s distinctive appearance. Nostalgic round headlights and a large, powerful grille recapture legendary Toyota design. Steel bumpers and under-guards emphasize strength and durability,” the company stated in an announcement.

Renoca Phoenix

Using Toyota’s Land Cruiser 80 as the base model, the 60 series-inspired Renoca Phoenix incorporates an accentuated angular form that is popular among contemporary automotive design trends.

“A rounded hood transforms the Phoenix’s silhouette and emphasizes its horizontal lines, accentuated with a two-tone paint scheme. For balance, the grill-mounted iconic TOYOTA emblem draws all the lines together,” the company noted.

Renoca 106

The rugged Land Cruiser 100 is paired with the classic 60 series to create the Renoca 106.

“Guaranteed for quality and durability, the 106 incorporates parts from the official 60 series as well as FLEX original steel. The result is a unique vehicle that pairs a classic exterior with contemporary performance.”

Renoca Wonder

FLEX Automotive’s Renoca Wonder starts with the 60 series-style round headlights that transform the Land Cruiser into the concept that became the Renoca series.

“From its bumper, side lines and roof line, the Wonder brings the classic monotone body style into a new iteration that showcases some of the finest Land Cruiser features in a new light without waiting decades for a new model.”

The headquarters display of Renoca vehicles will be paired with a selection of imported Japanese Land Cruisers and Land Cruiser Prados.

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