Featured Product: LIQUI MOLY Top Tec 4110 5W-40

The horsepower of a Lamborghini, Bugatti or one of Audi’s R models needs to be tamed, but not every motor oil can do this. However, Top Tec 4110 5W-40 by LIQUI MOLY was developed precisely for this purpose.

In order for the new lubricant to perform reliably under extreme conditions, development focused on high shear stability. State-of-the-art additives increase the viscosity temperature behavior of the lubricant. This includes viscosity index (VI) improvers. Top Tec 4110 5W-40 uses a VI improver with a special structure that makes it extremely shear-stable. Conventional VI improvers would be torn apart by shear forces.

Top Tec 4110 5W-40 carries a series of official approvals from car manufacturers, including BMW (BMW Longlife-04), Mercedes-Benz (MB approval 229.31, MB approval 229.51, MB approval 229.52), Porsche (C40) and Volkswagen (VW 511 00).

In addition to its performance, Top Tec 4110 5W-40 also offers a special feature: it is low in ash. When some oil burns in the combustion chamber, only a small amount of ash is produced, which would otherwise pollute the gasoline particulate filter. This is a development that has been available for diesel engines for some time.

If you are unsure whether this oil is the right one for a particular car, a look at the LIQUI MOLY oil guide will help. Just a few clicks and you get an overview of not only the right oils, but also other fluids such as gear and servo oils.

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