FCC Change Could Put an End to V2X Plans

FCC Change Could Put an End to V2X Plans | THE SHOP
A change in FCC regulations could make the V2X system obsolete.

A vehicle communication system, often referred to as V2X, uses radio waves to transmit data to everything from other cars and buses to traffic lights, and has the potential to be the next great vehicle safety innovation.

The system, still being developed through trials in private vehicles and public transportation, will allow vehicles to communicate with one another, passing along information that could ‘warn’ other vehicles of obstacles, like pedestrians, or even cars around blind corners.

But an FCC plan could put an end to any possible system, as the radio frequencies used by the system could be reallocated for a localized 5G cellular system, and effectively render community and car manufacturer investments obsolete.

Check out Consumer Reports for the full story.

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