Exploding Sunroof Case Continues for Volkswagen

A lawsuit against Volkswagen Group of America (VW) will continue, as a California federal court judge ruled against VW’s motion to dismiss “certain claims” in the plaintiff’s second complaint. The judge also stated there is enough supporting evidence alleging the carmaker had prior knowledge about a defect that causes its sunroofs to explode spontaneously. The official announcement was made in court last month.

The original complaint was filed in 2017 against the German automotive company. It claimed certain models from VW had a defect in its sunroofs and that the company was aware of it. According to court documents, the models impacted included the Jetta, Golf and Passat. Rosaura Deras stated she leased a new Jetta in 2013, purchased it in 2016 and was driving normally when she heard “a loud boom” and noticed the sunroof had shattered.

“Ms. Deras noticed that there was a large hole in the center of her [sunroof], and the edges were pointing outward/upward indicating that the break came from the inside,” a portion of the complaint reads.

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