Expedition Motor Company Unveils Mercedes G-Wagon Build

The China Blue 250GD helps show off the brand's new hardtop...

Expedition Motor Company (EMC) unveils its latest recreation, a 1990 Mercedes Benz 250GD Wolf.

Initially designed for rugged military use, the G-Wagen’s durability and off-road capabilities captured the attention of a wider audience, leading to its global popularity. This build by EMC boasts a light blue exterior, this color option is popular among luxury SUV enthusiasts, and EMC offered this colorway as a way for the client to personalize their G-Wagen.

This Wolf also comes with a new offering that will be made available for future EMC builds: an ABS hardtop.

Expedition Motor Company Unveils Mercedes G-Wagon Build | THE SHOP

“The G-Wagen has remained largely unchanged for decades, making it one of the few vehicles with such a long production run featuring minimal design alterations,” comments EMC Founder, Alex Levin. “In our pursuit of providing a diverse array of customization options, we continuously meet evolving consumer demands. The introduction of the new ABS Hardtop is a perfect example, offering versatility to our clients.”

The exterior of this G-Wagen showcases a China Blue paint. Inside, the vehicle is finished with a lavish mushroom weather-proof interior. The inclusion of the ABS Hardtop enhances the vehicle’s adaptability to varying weather conditions and individual preferences. During the chilly winter months in colder climates, the hardtop provides enhanced insulation and protection from the cold. As the weather warms, the removable top allows for indulging in the delights of open-air driving, embracing the epitome of a convertible driving experience.

Expedition Motor Company Unveils Mercedes G-Wagon Build | THE SHOP

As with every EMC build, attention is given to every detail throughout the 100-point restoration process. To start, the vehicle begins with a complete disassembly and media blasting down to the frame, ensuring a clean slate for restoration. Protective measures are then implemented, including the application of an anti-corrosive primer followed by a durable powder coat finish. Essential components such as fuel and brake lines, along with body mounts, are carefully replaced to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The process extends to the factory axles, which undergo disassembly, cleaning, and a refinishing process. The brake system receives a comprehensive overhaul, strengthened with upgraded rotors and drums to enhance stopping power and reliability. Finally, EMC’s internally developed suspension is expertly fitted and customized to seamlessly integrate into the vehicle, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Expedition Motor Company Unveils Mercedes G-Wagon Build | THE SHOP

Underneath the hood lies a rebuilt OM602 2.5L inline-five diesel engine, better known as Mercedes’ million-mile engine. Complementing this power plant is a 5-speed automatic transmission for those who would prefer 2 pedals.

Expedition Motor Company trucks start at $165,000 and are available to commission today. For more information, click here.

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