Excess Injectors Launches in North America

High-performance products will be available through Summit Racing Equipment…

Excess Injectors announces its product line introduction in North America through Summit Racing Equipment.

“We are thrilled to launch through Summit Racing Equipment. We’ve created a new standard for the fuel injector industry and offer total data transparency,” said Simon Richards, principal of Excess Injectors. “Excess Injectors wants to make it easy for anyone to get the most performance from their injectors.”

Excess Injectors

The company utilizes a test bench that captures 6,500-plus flow points on each injector. The data allows each injector set to be matched so flow rates are within 1% and deadtimes within 2%, ensuring low variances and high performance, company officials stated in a press release.

Included with each injector set is tuning data formatted for many popular ECU platforms.

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