Exceedingly Odd Cars at SEMA 2018

Things got interesting this fall when Hot Wheels celebrated the end to its 50th Anniversary Tour at the SEMA Show. The 16-date tour rewarded one car owner at each event with an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show. The result was an exhibit filled with 16 imaginative cars, all of which were contending for a chance to be made into a 1:64-scale die-cast toy car sold in stores. A fully fabricated Open-Wheel Jet Car may have won the competition, but it didn’t necessarily fly away with the honor of wildest ride presented at SEMA. Take a look at the photo gallery above showcasing some other far-out rides seen in the Hot Wheels booth and beyond at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Be sure to also check out this photo gallery featuring Jeeps & off-road vehicles at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Anthony Bowe

Anthony Bowe is the former digital content editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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