EV Range Adding Charging Stations in California, Nevada

EV Range Adding Charging Stations in California, Nevada | THE SHOP
EV Range to Install 26 High-Powered EV Charging Stations

EV Range, an electric vehicle charging network based in San Pedro, California, is in the process of deploying a total of 26 high-powered (180-350kW) electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across 9 sites throughout California and Nevada in 2022, the company announced.

EV Range already owns and operates charging stations in California, but through grant funding from the Monterey Air Resources District (MBARD), CALeVIP, NV Energy and Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MDAQMD), EV Range is expanding its offering to provide fast, high-powered EV charging solutions to isolated regions and along major highway corridors, the company said.

EV Range’s co-founder and CEO Carl Pancutt says, “Although California and neighboring states have been at the forefront of the shift toward e-mobility, large voids still remain that require both low (level 2) and high-power (Direct Current Fast Chargers or DCFC) public charging infrastructure. We are excited to announce these 26 stations coming in 2022, especially after all the work the team has put in to lay the foundation over the past year.”

“EV Range’s network development team analyzes areas that have a dire need for high-power infrastructure and work with local governments, utilities and incentive providers to fill these gaps with future-proofed EV site designs that are ready to scale as EV adoption continues to rise. It is through our own learnings of operating both DCFC and Level 2 electric vehicle chargers that we developed and now provide our EV Range network software and payment tools for partners to own and operate EV charging stations at their own properties, on their own terms.”

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