EPWI Inventory Moved to NPW Distribution Center

EPWI Inventory Moved to NPW Distribution Center | THE SHOPNational Performance Warehouse (NPW), the new parent company of engine and performance distributor Engine and Performance Warehouse (EPWI), is moving EPWI’s inventory and ordering and shipping operations from its Anaheim, California location to the NPW distribution center in Gardena, California, the company announced.

All ordering, shipping and sales will remain the same, company representatives said, and suppliers and customers should only experience positive changes from this move. All EPWI staff is being retained and will result in no interruptions in services, the company said.

The NPW Gardena facility offers a wider selection of brands over what EPWI carried and increased depth on the stock levels of common lines, the company said.

The NPW Gardena DC is located at 14605 South Main Street, Gardena, California, 90248.

“With our acquisition of EPWI, we have facilities within miles of each other in various cities. Where it makes sense, we will consolidate to one DC,” said Chris Pacey, NPW’s executive vice president and COO. “All the same EPWI inventory will be moved and the customers get the added benefit of the additional lines available at the NPW location. Basically, nothing will change for the customers and suppliers. This is a win-win for all.”

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