Epicor Supports Nonprofit Shop Benefitting Single Mothers Needing Rides

Epicor Software Corp. has awarded a free subscription of its Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) mechanical service estimating solution to God’s Garage, a nonprofit automotive repair shop headquartered in Conroe, Texas.

The charity, primarily made up of volunteer technicians, will use the donation from Epicor in support of its mission to provide reliable, repaired vehicles to single mothers, widows, and wives of deployed military members.

“Working to enrich the lives of single mothers, widows, and military wives by ensuring they have reliable transportation is a noble cause,” said Stephen Gannon, senior director, automotive, product management and product development for Epicor. “This organization will have an opportunity to help even more people by increasing operational efficiency and productivity at the service counter by using Epicor ISE software.”

God’s Garage owner Chris Williams founded the company after spotting a mother and her child walking along the side of Highway 105 in the rain. He offered her a ride and discovered that her own vehicle had been in the shop for months. Today, God’s Garage supports women in need of reliable transportation, charging nothing for labor on automotive repairs and giving away free vehicles to qualifying recipients. The charity has repaired and given away hundreds of vehicles, according to Williams.

“The Epicor ISE solution is going to help us repair more vehicles by allowing me to more promptly identify, price, and source parts, and it’s going to free me up to do the things that I need in order to repair more cars and let other people do things that they can do,” Williams said. “As we rollout this system to our volunteers, it’s going to help the bottom line and, ultimately, help more people.”

Epicore is a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth.

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