Engine Builders to Test Skills in ‘Masters of Motors’ Competition

JE Pistons will be recognizing engine builders’ hard work, creativity, and commitment to combustion with a new competition at the SEMA and PRI Shows called Masters of Motors.

The event will be judged by industry experts David Freiburger, Brian Lohnes, Steve Brulé, and Mike Kojima. The competition will pit the top engines of SEMA and PRI against each other on the grounds of creativity, style, engineering, as well as several other facets.

Masters of Motors competition classes include:

  • Engine-uity Award
  • Sport Compact
  • European
  • Domestic
  • Race Engine
  • Nostalgia
  • Power Adder

The Master of Motors winner will receive a grand prize from JE Pistons, while all the class winners will walk away with a prize.

Judging for Masters of Motors at SEMA will begin on Oct. 30. Competitors are encouraged to register online to let judges know where to find their engines.

The crowning of the inaugural Masters of Motors champion is schedule for 11 a.m. PST on Oct. 31 at the JE Pistons booth (No. 22657).

Visit for more information.

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