EnerSys and BIGFOOT 4×4 Continue Partnership

EnerSys has announced that it will continue its role as the Exclusive Battery Partner of BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. in 2018.

The announcement marks the 18th year as a sponsor of the BIGFOOT Monster Truck racing and display program. EnerSys provides the ODYSSEY batteries found in BIGFOOT 4×4’s entire fleet of monster trucks, haulers and shop vehicles.

“There’s no more extreme environment than a monster truck race to show the power and reliability of ODYSSEY batteries,” said Dave McMullen, senior director of marketing, transportation and specialty at EnerSys. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with BIGFOOT and help them to more victories.”

Bob Trent, vice president at BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. says the partnership led directly to the development of the world’s first and only all-electric monster truck, ODYSSEY Battery BIGFOOT #20. “We’ll be working with them to find new and exciting ways to put ODYSSEY batteries to the ultimate test on the monster truck circuit.”

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