Edge Products Announces Extensive Diesel Executive Order Coverage from CARB

Edge Products shared the details of a new, comprehensive Executive Order obtained from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  The Executive Order (E.O.) rolls all of Edge’s previous diesel application coverage into one consolidated E.O. In addition to the merged coverage from previous documentation, E.O. D-541-18 also includes several new products and applications including the Revolver Performance Chip, Juice with Attitude CS2/CTS2, and 2016 Duramax coverage.

Edge Products, a Powerteq brand, and member of the Holley Performance Group, has continued to invest in time and resources required to stay current and compliant with the CARB standards. “Today’s announcement is rewarding on multiple levels as it provides our end users, resellers, and our own team members with the continued guarantee, and required documentation, to confirm that we’re making every effort to stay ahead of the curve with today’s emissions stipulations” said Dave Martinez, Powerteq President.  The 54 page document from CARB includes a detailed addendum that details both previous and current part numbers, with corresponding diesel coverage.

“Our intention with any application or product we bring to market is to make emissions compliance priority number one,” Martinez noted. “The EO we have just received is the most comprehensive and detailed of its kind, when it comes to the space our company operates in today.”

Executive Order D-541-18, detailing the far-reaching 50 state legal diesel coverage, can be read in its entirety and downloaded here.

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