Edelbrock Partners with Pat Musi Racing Engines to Power New Crate Engine Program

Building on a successful relationship that spans nearly two decades, Edelbrock has established an enhanced partnership with Pat Musi Racing Engines that will cater to the hardcore drag racing market.

At the center of the partnership is a new crate engine program created specifically for drag racers, featuring the Musi 632 Top Sportsman/Top Dragster engine.

Equipped with Edelbrock Big Victor 12-degree cylinder heads customized by Musi and top-of-the-line components from carburetor to oil pan, the engine is designed for fast bracket racers looking for 1,250 hp (1,650 hp with nitrous) and durability.

“We’re excited to continue building our relationship with Pat Musi Racing Engines and Musi Racing. Since Edelbrock’s early days, Vic Sr. and Vic Jr. both have supported many forms of racing. It’s in our DNA. It’s really important to our organization to support the racer as well as the engine builder. Both are very important to the future of our industry,” said Steve Whipple, Edelbrock vice president of sales and marketing.

Besides the complete engine available from Pat Musi Racing Engines, individual parts are also available directly from both Edelbrock and Musi as part of the program. Components include the 12-degree cylinder heads, Victor Musi Big-Block Chevy 24-degree CNC cylinder heads, Super Victor II CNC intake manifold and Big Victor 2 Spread-Port Tall Deck intake manifold.

Edelbrock is also continuing its support of Pat Musi’s 27-year-old daughter, Lizzy Musi, in the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA) Pro Nitrous ranks as a primary sponsor of Musi and her record-breaking Pro Nitrous 2018 Dodge Dart.

Pat Musi Racing Engines will also continue to perform extensive research and development for Edelbrock, according to a press release.

“Edelbrock has a lot of faith in me, which makes me feel good, and I have a lot of faith in them,” Pat Musi said. “They are dedicated and want to have an even greater presence in racing. I think they are capable of doing that and I think I can help them get there. Both companies are getting stronger, and the relationship is getting stronger. It gives us credibility and it gives me confidence, and that really means a lot. We’ve worked together on a lot of projects and we get along great. It’s just a good team.”

The official unveiling of the partnership will take place Friday, Dec. 7, in the Edelbrock booth #1713 at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indiana. The complete Musi 632-ci engine, Big Victor cylinder heads and Big Victor and Super Victor intake manifolds will be on display alongside Musi’s Edelbrock-backed Pro Nitrous machine.

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