Edelbrock Group Moves to MidwayPlus E-Commerce Platform

Customers gain early access on product restocks & a deep-discount section...

Edelbrock Group and MidwayPlus jointly announced that all Edelbrock Group brands are now fully operational on the MidwayPlus e-commerce/SAAS platform for B2B transactions.

The online platform’s wide range of features and functionality are aimed at smaller wholesale dealers and engine builders, who often do not have extra time during business hours. MidwayPlus empowers Edelbrock Group clients to access their current account balances and sales data online at their convenience 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world from their computer or mobile phone.

Edelbrock Group Moves to MidwayPlus E-Commerce Platform | THE SHOP

Benefits for account holders utilizing the MidwayPlus portal include early access to brand news through the News Feed (the only news outlet just for the B2B channel). They are among the first to know when a product goes on sale or is back in stock, ensuring they get the parts they need when they need them. Edelbrock Group will also have an exclusive “closeouts” section where clients will find the deepest discounts on limited-quantity closeout products.

“I could not be more pleased with the effort of the MidwayPlus team,” Edelbrock Group President and CEO Chris Douglas stated. “I know many of our account holders will love the flexibility this platform affords them to keep track of their accounts. It truly is a time saver for our customers and something we wanted to offer for quite some time. MidwayPlus took our complicated multi-brand, high-SKU-count situation and designed an outstanding B2B portal that is easy for our clients to use.”

Edelbrock Group Moves to MidwayPlus E-Commerce Platform | THE SHOP

MidwayPlus took on the task of building all the custom code for its first multi-brand single storefront on the platform for the Edelbrock Group, completing and launching it in under 90 days. Each brand has separate controls unique to its products. The easy-to-use platform integrates seamlessly with existing ERP and CRM systems.

“The Edelbrock Group challenged us to expand our platform to accommodate the unique needs of each brand while ensuring a seamless cross-channel customer experience,” MidwayPlus CEO Brian Lounsberry said. “It was no simple job; there were many moving parts and unique situations to each brand that challenged my team to create a ton of custom code. The result is the first multi-brand single storefront on MidwayPlus that will create more opportunities.”

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