ECD Enters Licensing Agreement With Black Dog Traders

The new partnership brings Black Dog's expertise to the classic vehicle builder...

ECD Automotive Design Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Black Dog Traders to produce branded classic Toyota FJ SUVs at its facility in Kissimmee, Florida.

“Working with Black Dog will provide access to a new set of classic car customers, accelerating ECD’s ability to fill our factory with some of the most iconic classic vehicles ever produced. This relationship introduces a new model to ECD’s line-up, providing the company flexibility and increased market penetration in a capital-efficient manner,” said Scott Wallace, CEO of ECD.

The license agreement provides ECD access to Black Dog Trader’s IP, branding and marketing support in exchange for a fee and royalty per vehicle sale. Black Dog Traders has a history in restoration and modification of classic Toyota FJ SUVs for the past decade.

This strategic relationship will not only allow Black Dog Traders to scale up their operations but also provide ECD with another avenue to produce high-end custom classic vehicles.

“We anticipate greater than 100% revenue growth in 2024 and our production backlog carries into the second quarter or 2025 with gross margins on par or better than industry leading luxury car manufacturers such as Ferrari, NV. Beyond manufacturing, we believe the classic car ecosystem is a $15 billion industry encompassing manufacturing, storage, financing and consignment. By expanding our product offerings and customer base, we can look to capitalize on this fragmented and growing market,” said Wallace.

Pat Curtin

Pat Curtin is the managing editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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