Eastman to Showcase Automotive Glazing Applications This Week in Detroit

Eastman is set to showcase some new products at WCX 19: SAE World Congress Experience, happening April 9-11 in Detroit, Michigan. This is the most anticipated annual event for the mobility-engineering field. Eastman’s booth in the COBO Center (No. 1527), will feature interactive displays and information about the company’s Saflex PVB (polyvinyl butyral) automotive product line for architectural and automotive glazing applications.

Saflex interlayer technology delivers advanced glazing performance for a wide range of demanding applications: acoustic, solar, color and Saflex VIEW ST for head-up displays (HUD), according to Eastman.

HUD Interlayer

Since the inception of automotive HUD systems in the late 1980s, wedge-shaped interlayers have been used to enable a clearer HUD image. Eastman is showcasing Saflex VIEW HUD PVB, a next-generation solution especially for drivers above or below average height who can experience visual distortion when an image is reflected through multiple layers of glass at an angle. Trade show attendees can experience the Saflex VIEW ST product demonstration at the Eastman booth during WCX.

Advanced Acoustics

With the use of Bluetooth technology, voice-activated commands, onboard navigation systems and better audio equipment, consumers want quieter cabins. Saflex Q series reduces noise level by up to 3 dB versus a standard windscreen and up to 5 dB compared to tempered side windows, according to Eastman. Thanks to innovations like Saflex Q series interlayers, quieter cabins are possible not just in luxury cars but at all automotive price points.

Advanced Solar Interlayers

Saflex S series interlayers are designed to absorb infrared (IR) light irradiation from the sun in the wavelengths responsible for generating excessive heat in vehicle interiors. Saflex S series effectively blocks more than 99 percent of UV radiation up to 380 nm and reduces solar heat transmission through a vehicle’s glazing while optimizing visibility. As an extra benefit to occupants, Saflex S series has received the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, marking the first and only time an automotive-grade PVB has been recognized.

Color Interlayers

For sleek new windscreens, styled side and back windows, and panoramic sunroofs, laminated glass continues to be a compelling way for automotive OEMs to differentiate their brands. Saflex color interlayers offer a palette of possibilities with various color options to match popular tint colors for automotive glazing. Moreover, colored laminated glass delivers high-performance benefits, including UV/solar control glare reduction, optimal light transmittance, enhanced sound control and safety, according to Eastman.

About WCX

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