Drive Toward a Cure to Raise Money for Parkinson’s Disease Research

The Drive Toward a Cure non-profit charitable organization is still registering participants for its upcoming multi-day luxury drive. After raising more than $50,000 for Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care during the 2017 calendar year, the program is set to return to California in the spring of 2018. The second annual California Adventure will be held May 3-6, with simultaneous drives from the Monterey region and Southern California coming together at the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort in Santa Barbara wine country.

The anticipated entry list will contain 40 vehicles ranging from vintage and luxury/exotic cars to daily drivers, according to Drive Toward a Cure. The event will return to its California beginnings to create an all-new driving experience along some of the best back roads in the nation, complemented by stops at private motoring collections rarely seen by the public.

“We wanted to build a meaningful movement that included passionate enthusiasts taking on a journey of roads less traveled-yet contributing to a cause for which we hope a cure will eventually be found,” said Deb Pollack, founder of Drive Toward a Cure. “Our goal is to build awareness and help fund the research that will find that cure faster. Our grants to the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center in Sunnyvale, where research and patient care go hand-in-hand, have the added benefit of supporting those living with Parkinson’s right now.

“For me, there continues to be nothing more gratifying than reaping the rewards of these connections to support those that are challenged,” Pollack continued.  “My personal goal is to keep growing our organization and its widespread reach until we can find that cure for Parkinson’s.”

Pollack has been involved in teaming cars and camaraderie to support Parkinson’s for the past decade, after losing her mother to its challenges in 2006.

“Teaming the passion of spirited driving with an important cause, among an audience of car aficionados, seemed like a perfect way to spread our message through a very involved community,” Pollack said.  “My personal vision was to create a groundswell within the automotive family-a group that is social and emotional when it comes to cars-and engage them in exciting programs in which they’d enjoy partaking-doing what car lovers relish the most and raising funds at the same time.”

The 2018 California Adventure will explore some of California’s most beautiful topography and will include a timed special stage driving test, according to the organization.  Participants will also have the choice of a morning hayride or horseback riding to one of the outdoor morning gatherings.

Click to register for The Drive Toward a Cure’s California Adventure event.

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