Diversified Creations to Debut ’69 Charger with Red Line Synthetic Oil

Red Line Synthetic Oil during the Oct. 30-Nov. 2 SEMA Show will host the unveiling of a custom 1969 Dodge Charger built by Mike Copeland’s team at Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance. The debut of the 850 horsepower muscle car is set for 2 p.m. on Oct. 30 in the Red Line Synthetic Oil booth (No. 22525).

The Charger build marks the first unveiling that Red Line has hosted in its 32 years of attending the SEMA Show. The vehicle’s owner has been a life-long fan of early Dodge Chargers and for his first foray into the muscle car world he reached out to Copeland, owner of Diversified Creations and Arrington Performance. Copeland and his team have built more than a dozen cars for the SEMA Show.

“Each time we build a vehicle from the ground up like this I say it’s the best yet, but this car is truly something special,” Copeland said. “We went all out on this car and invested hundreds of hours of time into it. We’re thankful to Red Line for supporting us, not only with their products, but also for providing us with a place to unveil this vehicle to the owner and the SEMA crowd.”

The Dodge Charger owner wanted a car he could drive from his home in Georgia to New York and back without having to worry about reliability, which is exactly how Diversified Creations builds cars. The Charger features an 850 horsepower 6.2-liter MOPAR Hellcat crate motor with an OEM eight-speed automatic transmission custom fitted to the vehicle.

In 2013, the Diversified Creations team was the first to install the new eight-speed transmission and Hellcat motor into a second generation Charger, according to the company. Red Line’s lubricants and fluids were used throughout the vehicle.

The ’69 Charger is a complete ground up restoration-even the roof and the floors were rebuilt. The exterior features gloss black paint with matte black accents. The hood is a one-off piece made by metalworking the famous 1970 R/T Challenger hood scoops onto an original Charger hood. The suspension components, including the coilovers, were sourced from Reilley Motorsports. Baer six-piston brakes and custom Forgiato Navaja wheels with Continental tires were also installed, among many other modifications.

“We’re extremely excited to host our first unveiling in the 32 years we’ve been attending SEMA,” said Kit Szwarcburg of Red Line Synthetic Oil. “Mike and his team produce incredible builds. The attention to detail in their projects is similar to our own when we produce our additives and lubricants, we both strive to create the best of the best.”

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