Distributor Embraces Science of Workplace Productivity

Motovicity has undergone a series of facility renovations and infrastructure-based updates to improve internal staff cohesion and quality of service, according to the company.

“By investing in its personnel and the environment in which they hone their expertise, Motovicity aims to utilize globally recognized, proactive business practices to improve quality of service, employee retention and, ultimately, the internal spirit of its brand,” Motovicity stated in a news release.

“We recognize the need to invest in our people because we truly believe that their satisfaction is just as important as our customers’,” said Brian Lounsberry, CEO of Motovicity. “We know that when you provide your staff with the tools they need to grow, they will ultimately provide the best service to our customers and clientele. We’re hard at work building and developing a culture that places success at the forefront for our team.

“I envisioned creating a space for our employees that reflects who we are and the spirit of our business. Our new facilities will mirror the fun, energetic atmosphere of our workplace in a functional, strategic manner that will inherently aid us in our ability to provide quality service to our customers,” Lounsberry added. “At Motovicity, we’re aiming to create a new foundation that will facilitate growth within the auto parts industry while giving us the physical space we will need to grow our supply chain and shipping operations.”

Motovicity has implemented an updated, modern aesthetic and new multi-use workspaces that will pave the way for improved workplace efficiency, according to the company. These renovations are just a piece of a larger roadmap Motovicity has developed to overcome industry-wide challenges including unstable fill rates, ever-changing consumer demand and unpredictable supplier lead times.

The facility renovation is complemented by additional improvements to digital infrastructure and branding, according to Motovicity, including a revamped website and the newly implemented Blue Ridge supply chain program.

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