Distributor CEO Declares Candidacy for SEMA Board of Director Spot

Brian LounsberryBrian Lounsberry, CEO of Motovicity Distribution, is seeking a position on the SEMA Board of Directors. He will run in SEMA’s 2018 board election.

“As CEO, I am the driving force behind Motovicity Distribution. Specializing in creative problem solving with a passion for futurism in business, I enjoy assisting our unique manufacturers and customers with new ways of engaging and continually focusing on adding value to our customer network,” Lounsberry said. “I back this with over a decade of working in and managing shops before joining the distribution side in 2005. With said experience, I can bring insight and real-world influence from all sides of our industry.”

Lounsberry’s platform issues include:

  • Utilizing the power of data for manufacturers and shops as an important key to success in today’s information age
  • The importance of youth and assisting talented young business members to connect with industry leaders, ensuring the longevity of the industry and encouraging collaboration

THE SHOP published a three-part Q&A with Lounsberry last summer, where he coverd industry trends, shop trends & tips, and the latest at Motovicity.

For more of Lounsberry’s positions on the issues, other thoughts and more from his background, visit his official campaign website, his Facebook campaign page, and/or his personal LinkedIn.

The voting period for the 2018 SEMA Board of Directors election is from May 8-22. Only the primary SEMA contact can vote. For additional election information, contact Timothy Johnson in SEMA’s membership department at

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